49 North Interviews: Linda Morais


49 North’s Eric Asselin had a chance to catch up with Canada’s newest world medalist, Linda Morais. Linda is coming off a tremendous showing at the Non-Olympic Weight World Championships, capturing a bronze medal at 60 kg.


Eric Asselin:  Congratulations on a great year so far. Have you been able to get some rest?


Linda Morais: Thank you. Yes, it’s been nice.  I get to go home soon to see my family for the holidays.  I just had to finish an exam today.


Eric Asselin:  You graduate next semester.  Do you have any academic plans after that?


Linda Morais:  I will most likely go to McGill to enrol in a program where I can teach elementary school education one day.


Eric Asselin:  This year, you have been to Italy, Turkey, Singapore and Hungary.  Did you have a chance to do much sightseeing?


Linda Morais:  I did for Italy, Singapore and Hungary.  We took an extra five days off in Singapore.  I had to return home quickly after Turkey, because my brother was getting married.  All countries were beautiful.


Eric Asselin:  I re-watched your match with Ali Ragan from this year’s worlds, and it’s a match that could have gone either way with some back and forth at first.  She hit you with a quick snap down off the whistle, and you got a push out when she was in on your leg a little later. There were several stalemates.  She ended up winning 6-3.  Tell me how you were able to stay focused for the rest of the day.


Linda Morais:  That was a long day.  It didn’t help that I was sick either, but Coach David Zilberman was able to keep me focused and prepared as the day went on.


Eric Asselin:  There was only you and Kyle who competed, because it was only the non-Olympic weights.  Did it feel different not being part of a large contingent?


Linda Morais:  It was definitely different to only have Kyle as a training partner, but we made it work.


Eric Asselin:  You lost a close match at Olympic trials to the very solid Michelle Fazzari.  How did you handle the loss?  Did you make any adjustments after that?


Linda Morais:  I learned a lot that day.  I have made some technical adjustments since then.  I went there as a learning experience, and I honestly had no idea how I was going to do.


Eric Asselin:  Are you planning on wrestling 58 kg or 60 kg at Nationals?


Linda Morais:  To be determined.  58 is not an issue when I lay off of certain foods.☺  It will depend on other factors as well.  It’s nice that it is at Brock, as my family will come up to watch.


Eric Asselin:  Who are your main partners in the room?


Linda Morais:  Coach David Zilberman likes us to train with many different partners.  We have a lot of great young athletes.  I stay away from the heavyweights though☺.


Eric Asselin:  Have you ever heard of the PWL in India?


Linda Morais:  A little bit.  Tell me more about it.


Eric Asselin:  It’s a short season where you wrestle approx. 7 matches inside of 3 weeks.  The team owners select their wrestlers at a bidding auction. They put your face and profile on a large screen with a minimum bidding price, and you go under the hammer.


Linda Morais:  That sounds great.  


Eric Asselin:  Living in Montreal, do you follow any other sports?  My son wanted to know if you follow the Montreal Impact.  He is a soccer fanatic.


Linda Morais:  Nothing too seriously.  I’ll watch whatever is playing when I am at the gym.  I should follow more though.


Eric Asselin:  Tokyo 2020 is the plan.  Have you ever been to Japan?


Linda Morais: No, but I would love to go.  I will keep training very hard and will do my best.  


Eric Asselin: Linda, thank you very much for the interview.


Linda Morais: You’re welcome, Eric.

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