2014 Canada Cup Webcast

2014 Canada Cup Webcast

The 2014 Canada Cup is brought to you by Wrestling Canada Lutte & the Guelph Wrestling Club!

Saturday, July 5th!

Preliminaries start at 9:30 am Eastern

Finals Scheduled for 6:00 pm Eastern

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4 Comments on 2014 Canada Cup Webcast

  1. the worst web broadcast I have ever seen! Let alone only shows 2 mats, out 4 or 5, and it also doesn’t work!

    • Correct. Luckily, I am only 1 person doing this on my own dime and learning as I go, so I don’t take a whole lot of offence. The gym internet kept giving out and I had no control over it. So, until I get $30000 to cover equipment costs, we’ll have to settle for 2 mats covered poorly or no mats at all (which is the other alternative in Canada unfortunately).

  2. Thanks for the Great matches. Any way to get the video stream parsed out so we can find individual matches? I.e.; Tony Ramos. it’s difficult to find first round, second round and or finals matches. Thanks again for a great tournament. Paul

    • I will have all the matches from all 4 mats up soon on our YouTube Channel. I am currently relocating to Alberta and hotel wi-fi doesn’t allow me to upload many matches.

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