2013 Harry Geris Memorial Duals Results

Results from the 2013 Harry Geris Memorial Duals

Men’s Team Results
1. Western (Team Purple)
2. Guelph
3. McMaster
4. Lakehead
5. York
6. Western (Team White)

Dual results

Western (Team Purple) 37 pts vs. York 6 pts.
Western (Team Purple) 31 pts vs. Lakehead 14 pts.
Western (Team Purple) 27 pts vs. Guelph 19 pts.
Western (Team Purple) 25 pts. Vs. Guelph 21 pts. Gold/Silver
Guelph 22 pts vs. McMaster 15 pts.
Guelph 31 pts. Vs. York 17 pts
McMaster 27 pts vs. Lakehead 18 pts
McMaster 25 pts vs. Lakehead 17 pts Bronze/4th
McMaster 23 pts. vs. Western (Team White) 17 pts.
Lakehead 23 pts vs. Western (Team White) 15 pts
York 32 pts vs. Western (Team White) 10 pts.


Women’s Team Result
1. Western (Team Purple)
2. Western (Team White)
3. Lakehead
4. Guelph
5. McMaster
6. York

Dual results

Western (Team Purple) 37 pts vs. York 0 pts
Western (Team Purple) 32 pts vs. Guelph 4 pts.
Western (Team Purple) 32 pts vs. Lakehead 4 pts
Western (Team Purple) 37 pts vs Western (Team White) 1 pt Gold/Silver
Western (Team White) 19 pts vs. Guelph 9 pts
Western (Team White) 25 pts vs. McMaster 8 pts
Western (Team White) 19 pts vs. Lakehead 12 pts
Lakehead 24 pts vs. McMaster 18 pts
Lakehead 25 pts vs. Guelph 13 pts. Bronze/4th
Guelph 19 pts vs York 16 pts
McMaster 19 pts vs. York 15 pts.

Individual Results


54 kg
Chris Waltner (Lakehead)
Oren Furmanov (Guelph)
Brandon Vallee Ross (Western)

57 kg
Steven Takahashi (Western)
Tommy Carroll (York)
Andrew Sinclair (McMaster)

61 kg
Jason Buckle (McMaster)
Sam Morgan (Guelph)

65 kg
Ahmed Shamiya (McMaster)
David Llewellyn (Western)
Nav Wirach (Guelph)

68 kg
Josh Proctor (Western)
Malcolm Lau (Western)
Rohan Cornelio (McMaster)

72 kg
Caleb Rutner (Western)
Mark Brosseau (Lakehead)
Greg Pierzhala (York)

76 kg
Alec Bauer (Western)
Alex MacIntyre (Western)
Jackson Taylor (Lakehead)

82 kg
Jake Jagas (Guelph)
Sammy Hanna (Western)
Kevin Barret (McMaster)

90 kg
Tyson Frost (Guelph)
Tom Bentley (Lakehead)
Kyle Bonk (Western)

120 kg
Jeremy Latour (Guelph)
Andrew Balach (McMaster)
Riley Otto (Western)



48 kg
Siobhan Smith (Western)
Natassya Lu (Guelph)
Monica Wood (McMaster)

51 kg
Madi Parks (Western)
Alyssa Medeiros (Western)
Nicole Kinzel (Lakehead)

55 kg
Brianne Barry (Western)
Cierra Carere (Guelph)
Anna McKee (Western)

59 kg
Emma Horner (Lakehead)
Brenna Llewellyn (Western)
Nicole Roach (McMaster)

63 kg
Larissa D’Alleva (Western)
Alexa Momy (Western)
Angelina Sacchetti (McMaster)

67 kg
Arllene Williams (Western)
Jenny Pranger (Lakehead)
Urshian Khalid (York)

72 kg
Christine Schmidt (Western)
Amber Martin (Lakehead)
Rebecca Matheson (Western)

82 kg
Kelsey Gsell (Guelph)
Michelle Szilagyi (Western)
Emma Tedball (Western)

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  1. Do you have videos from the U of T tournament and the tournament at Western last week. If you do can you please post them. Thanks Bob

    • I was in Winnipeg the weekend of Toronto and didn’t much filmed at Western since I was helping with the event. We will be in Sudbury this weekend, however, so lots of matches on the way!

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