10ish Questions: 59 kg World Team Member Michelle Fazzari

Competing in her first Senior World Championships, Michelle Fazzari will be representing Canada at 59 kg in Edmonton later this month.


49 North: How did you first get involved with wrestling?

Fazzari: It was based on a dare with friends in high school.


49 North: This is your first time competing at the Senior World Championships. Do you feel this provides any advantages? What obstacles do you think you’ll have to overcome and how do you plan on doing so?

Fazzari: I think it will be great to compete at my first world championships in Canada. I really have nothing to lose. I don’t think I will have another opportunity to wrestle a world championship in canada, so it is exciting.


49 North: This is the first World Championships hosted by Canada since 1993. What do you think this event will do for Canadian Wrestling on both a domestic and global scale? How important is it to compete on home soil in front of your friends and family at such an important event?

Fazzari: I think in the wrestling community, we all know that women’s wrestling is pretty dominant but the average person doesn’t. I think it will add a lot of needed exposure to womens wrestling and hopefully inspire others to support or join. As far as competing on home soil, I tend to look at every tournament as neutral no matter where it is. It just helps me stay focused mentally. I know that where ever I am, I have friends and family supporting me.


49 North: Where have you been training for this event? Have you done anything differently than you might for another event?

Fazzari: I train out of Brock. I haven’t done anything different from what I would for nationals or a major international event. I keep my routines the same. I have to focus a bit more on the mental aspect though, like trying to keep my nerves under control and visualizing the day of competition.


49 North: Is there a specific opponent you expect/want to face? Do you train for certain individuals more than others or does your training remain more general?

Fazzari: I just expect everyone to be a challenge so I have been focusing more on myself. I will watch a bit of video but I dont want to be absorbed too much right now on what other people are going to do. 


49 North: Since this is the beginning of a new Olympic cycle, do your current plans have you looking at Rio 2016? 

Fazzari: Yes, but I like to take my wrestling one year at a time. Right now, I want to do well at world championships and that’s all i see. I feel like this tournament is what I have been waiting and training for the past 6 years. All I really care about is wrestling well at worlds.


49 North: Generally speaking, do you have a favourite match you were involved in? Why was this match important to you?

Fazzari: I actually don’t. But one of my favourite moments was watching Brock take the CIS womens title. 


49 North: Is there anyone you’d like to acknowledge?

Fazzari: My family- they keep me motivated and without their support, accomplishing this would be next to impossible.



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